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Layton Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

The unique climate of northern Utah means that we rely on both our car’s heating and its air conditioning system. Automotive AC systems are actually quite sophisticated, designed to move the heat from inside your car’s passenger compartment to the outside, replacing it with conditioned (cooled) air. It’s a bit like your refrigerator, actually. Car heaters are a bit more straightforward, using the engine’s natural heat to keep your toes warm. But it’s not just about comfort, as these systems are responsible for defrosting your windshield as well. Shadetree Automotive is Layton’s go-to expert for diagnosing and fixing any type of automotive heating or air conditioning problems.

Heating and Air Conditioning Components in Layton

The air conditioning system in your vehicle consists of a compressor, condenser, evaporator, lines and tubes, blower and, of course, the refrigerant. Refrigerant, also known as Freon, is a critical part of the equation, just as it is in your home’s AC and in your refrigerator. The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant, circulating it through the condenser’s coils, then to the evaporator. The blower sends air across the evaporator where it is cooled, then sends it into the passenger compartment through the vents. Your heater uses the high temperatures generated by its engine’s operation and funnels it to you using a heater core and blower.

Layton, Utah AC Leak Detection and Repairs

Sometimes it’s simple to figure out what’s wrong when your car’s AC goes on the fritz. If no air is blowing through the vents, the problem may be a blower. If air is coming through but it’s warm, things get a little more complex. The usual suspect is refrigerant. Sometimes the level drops and we simply need to top it off. Other times however, a leak may exist in the system somewhere. It can be difficult to identify the location of the leak but at Shadetree Automotive, we utilize an electronic leak detection system. If that approach fails to find the source, another common approach is to add colored dye to the system. The dye will manifest visually at the leak’s source.

Layton Vehicle Heating System Repairs

If you aren’t getting any heat inside the car, the problem is likely related to your heater core, blower, water pump or thermostat. You may be low on coolant, which will cause other problems much more dire than cold feet. But, sometimes, the problem may relate to the switch or the baffles that open and close air flow through the car’s vents. Unlike AC problems, heater problems are generally quick and easy to identify. Even better, they’re typically less expensive than many other types of repairs.

If you are experiencing heat or AC problems in your car, don’t sweat tit. Shadetree Automotive has the state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment necessary to identify and repair the problem quickly and effectively.