Layton Transmission Service and Repair

In days of yore, transmissions were simple to repair and relatively inexpensive to rebuild or replace. In today’s vehicles however, the opposite is true. The addition of electronic components and computerized control systems make late-model transmissions very expensive to replace. The good news is that, with regular maintenance, your car’s transmission will keep going strong well into the life of the vehicle.

Transmission Repair Layton

Many experts in the automotive field believe that the transmission is both the most complex and least understood component of your car. Its purpose is to translate power from the car’s engine to the axle, making the wheels turn. The gears inside (known as a planetary gearset) are a technological marvel of sorts, producing all the different gear ratios necessary to keep the engine operating at the most efficient speed and to effectively use the motor’s torque to propel the vehicle. Clutches and bands inside the housing engage and disengage the necessary gears. The key to the entire operation however is the automatic transmission fluid. Just as the human body can’t function without a steady flow of blood, your car’s transmission cannot function without this car-saving fluid.

Be Kind to Your Transmission in Layton, Ut

Each time your car’s transmission shifts gears, wear occurs inside. If you spend most of your driving time in town, your transmission shifts many more times each day than it would if your commute involved more freeway miles. The harder you accelerate, the more wear occurs. A newer model automatic transmission will last somewhere between 80,000 and 150,000 miles. The reason for such a vast range? Your driving patters and how obsessive you are about regular maintenance influence how long it keeps turning.

Transmission fluid, just like motor oil and other vital fluids, deteriorates over time and from hard use (city driving, towing a trailer). Elevated transmission temperatures result from towing, carrying heavy loads and stop-and-start driving, and heat is the supreme enemy of both your transmission and its fluid. Since no one spends all their drive time on the freeway, it’s safe to say that you should closely monitor your transmission fluid levels and color. When it’s fresh, the fluid is typically a bright, clear red. When it begins to lose its effectiveness, it may tend to grow darker in color or take on a burned smell.

Your owner’s manual may recommend an interval at which your car requires transmission service but at Shadetree Automotive, we know it’s better to err on the side of caution. The flushing and changing of fluid can greatly extend transmission life, as well as replacing the internal filter, if applicable. By taking care of your transmission regularly, you will greatly extend its life and avoid costly replacement.