Layton Vehicle Engine Maintenance and Service

Without its engine, your car wouldn’t be much good to you. Even the most inexpensive vehicles can provide many years of reliable service if you practice good driving habits and keep it well maintained. Despite your continued diligence, engine parts can fail unexpectedly. In Layton, Utah the expert technicians at Shadetree Automotive understand the stress that engine problems can cause. You have our commitment to getting you back on the road as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Have Regular Oil Changes and Maintenance Service in Layton, Utah

Other than its filters, your car has no real way to clean or replenish its fluids. For this reason, it is critical to have regular oil changes. During an oil change, Shadetree Automotive will change your oil and oil filter but also check out all of your critical fluids. Transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant (antifreeze) and power steering fluid are just some of the items that we maintain during an oil change. Stick to your car manufacturer’s recommendations for tune-ups, belt changes and other engine maintenance. Remember, depending on how you drive your car these components may need attention sooner or more frequently.

Practice Good Layton, Ut Driving Habits

Although it sounds like common sense, many people fail to heed their car’s warning signs. If your “check engine” warning light activates or if your oil pressure or temperature gauge indicates a problem, bring your vehicle in for evaluation. Check your oil and transmission fluid regularly, like whenever you fill your gas tank or at least once each month. If a leak occurs, you may damage your vehicle before you notice. Don’t accelerate too fast or drive your car too hard. Driving only short distances and frequent, extended idling are your engine’s natural enemies. Finally, pay attention to your car. If you notice an unfamiliar noise or if it begins to feel sluggish, bring it in for an oil change or diagnostic evaluation.

Layton Utah Engine Repair and Replacement

No car part is designed to last forever and eventually you may need to repair or replace your engine or some of its components. Fortunately, most vehicles’ engines can be repaired easily by repairing or replacing a part or two. Rarely is it necessary to rebuilt or replace an entire engine but Shadetree Automotive is Layton’s engine expert. We provide up to 30 minutes of complementary diagnostic services to our customers. Greatest of all, we always have your best interest in mind. We can explain your options in a way that’s easy to understand, without “mechanic speak” or scare tactics. We know that when our customers are fully informed, they can make the best decision for them.

Think of it this way: When your “check engine” light comes on, it’s really saying, “Call Shadetree.”