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About Shadetree Automotive in Layton, Utah

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Shadetree Automotive has been owned and operated by the Lambert family since 1994. It was originally started by Mark Lambert, a long time Layton resident. Mark had always done work for family, friends, and neighbors from his home. This is where the Shadetree name came from. Mechanics that worked from home in the good old days did so under their shade trees. Mark’s customer base and workload eventually got too big to handle from a small home garage and Shadetree Automotive was born.

The business is now owned by Tom Lambert and his wife Cindy. Tom is Mark’s son and has grown up with the business. He has been here since day 1. Tom has managed the business since 1998, became a business partner in the 2000s and then bought Mark completely out of the business in 2016.

As the owner of the business, Tom has stepped back out of the management role. He is a strong believer in working on your business rather than in the business. You will likely still see him around the office or shop but the business is now running and managed by long time teammate Lisa Tallon. Lisa has been with the company since 2012. Lisa’s work ethic, drive, and infectious personality has been a huge part of the success of Shadetree Automotive.

Auto Repair, Diagnostic and Service Experts in Layton

Here at Shadetree Automotive, we handle just about any need you may have on your vehicle.

We perform smaller services like fluid services, safety, and emissions testing, on the spot renewals, etc.

We also perform larger auto repairs like diagnosing all types of concerns, timing belt replacements, head gaskets, transmission work, heating, and air conditioning repairs, etc.

We even have a full-blown tire shop to take care of all your tire needs.

Although we take care of all aspects of Auto Repair, Auto Service and Tires for our customers, we are especially known for our diagnostic and repair services. Between our specific processes and our talented staff, we have become known in the area for finding and fixing the problems most other shops and dealers struggle with. Have a tough one?? Give us a try.


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