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Auto Repair


Our Layton auto repair shop can take great care of any problem that may arise on your vehicle. We are a true dealership alternative and are equipped to handle all types of auto repairs on your car, truck, van or SUV. We are also very proud of our industry-leading 3 years 100k mile warranty on any repair or service we perform for you! We are also proud of our free loaner car service to get your day back on track while your car is in for repairs


We are the best shop in Davis county to diagnose any type of problem you are having. Our ASE-certified technicians have decades of combined experience in all aspects of diagnosing and repairing your vehicle. On top of their experience, every one of our technicians completes a minimum of 45 hours of new training each year. We are proud of our technicians and the skills they continue to improve. So if your Honda has a check engine light, your Subaru is overheating, your BMW is making a strange noise, your Audi is not starting, or if your Ford brakes are lacking performance. We have you covered on any automotive make, model, and any type of problem.


It is our hope that you will never have an emergency towing situation, but rest assured that we have your back. We work with a local 24-hour towing company Brett’s Towing. We will tow your vehicle from Layton, (Brett’s pic) Kaysville, Clearfield, Syracuse, Farmington, Ogden, Mt. Green, Morgan, Eden, Bountiful, and almost all surrounding areas for free if we are performing a repair of $250.00 or more. If you are even further away, all we ask is that you cover our cost which on average is about $75.00. We are also the local AAA Auto Repair shop, so if you are a AAA member, they will also tow you in for free. Call us 24 hours a day if you ever need our help.


Our shop is equipped with leading-edge equipment to diagnose and repair any make and model properly. Our technicians are heavily trained to Handle every kind of repair that your vehicle may need. We do have House specialists in several makes including but not limited to:

Tyler –
BMW/Mini Specialist

Justin –
Audi/Volkswagen &
Diesel Truck Specialist

Juan –
Subaru/Toyota Specialist

Julian –
Honda/Acura Specialist

Dillon –
Honda/Acura Specialist

Jim –
Duramax/ Cummins/ Powerstroke

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