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Host: Welcome back, everybody. Today it is more important than ever to get great customer service, especially when it comes to your car. Today, we have a local automotive repair company with us. Shadetree Automotive has over 600 Google reviews and does things so different that their clients and fans absolutely love them.

Host: Today, we've got Russ Talbot and Brian Bassett with us to tell us what makes Shadetree Automotive so different. So Brian, let's start with you. What are some of the things that you guys do at Shadetree Automotive that really stands out and is appreciated by your customers?

Brian Bassett: Well, I would like to say it's, uh, Russ and I's, you know, manly, uh, middle aged good looks-

Russ Talbot: (laughs)

Brian Bassett: ... and receding hairlines, but, um, (laughs) no, really it's, uh, we have a three-year, 100,000 mile warranty of all of our work. Um, when your car breaks down or you have a problem with it, uh, we have a full fleet of loaner cars, so Honda Civics and stuff that we lend out, uh, to our customers, um, when they're getting their car worked on here at the shop.

Brian Bassett: Um, and then, we also have, uh, something our customers love, and that's what we call a digital inspection. Um, our customers are able to see notes directly from the technician, pictures of their car, any problems that we need to discuss. So, when your car comes in for like a health check or something like that, you're able to see exactly what the technician's seeing.

Host: Well, that's really helpful, 'cause too many papers get lost too quickly. Russ, let's talk to you now. It seems like you guys have a pretty fun relationship with not just each other, but also with your customers.

Russ Talbot: (laughs)

Host: What kinda things do you do for the community?

Russ Talbot: You know, we do. We, uh, gosh, we, we've had a really good client base for the, the last few decades. Um, a lot of it comes down to what Brian was talking about, about our, just our goofy behavior. We're a bunch of goofballs there at Shadetree Automotive.

Russ Talbot: Uh, in the community, we have these really fun, uh, events that we throw, like block parties. Last year, we did a, a really cool auction that every dollar spent at Shadetree earned you a dollar to spend at our auction for many different prizes that a lot of local businesses and companies came together and, and, uh, donated, or we even bought the, the prizes, uh, that, that the customers would buy. It was a lot of fun. We had hundreds of people show up, had activities for the kids, stuff like that.

Russ Talbot: The relationships that we have with our customers is based because we treat our customers like friends and family, and the customers see us as friends and family. And that's really what's really important to us.

Host: Awesome. Brian, tell us about the team there at your shop.

Brian Bassett: Uh, the team has a little over 152 years of combined experience. Um, but I, I would say this is where Shadetree really shines. Um, we really develop a culture at our shop, uh, that we all love to come and work. Um, the technicians that are working on the vehicles are always upbeat, they're happy. Um, we have a good time. Um, but they're very professional and, uh, do a really good job. It's just that we create an environment that makes it a little bit more fun to work and, I think, uh, really ups our work quality. Um, when the customers are coming to the shop, um, they can count on us to do a really good job for 'em.

Host: Okay. Russ, where can we find you guys to find more information?

Russ Talbot: Yeah. We really like our customers to follow us on Facebook. Uh, check us out on our YouTube channel, too. We've got a lotta cool and fun educational, uh, uh, stuff that's coming up on YouTube.

Host: Okay, you two. Thanks so much for joining us. You see the information on your screen. You can find more at We appreciate it. Have a great day.

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