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  • Signs Your Vehicle Needs New Oil

    Friday 29 September 2017

    At Shadetree Automotive, we provide top-notch auto service and repair to vehicles everywhere from Layton to Clearfield and more. Our car services range from the simplest maintenance items to large-scale undertakings that will help keep your vehicle on the road. One such simple maintenance item is a basic oil change, and this is an area where you can be a big help to us as well. Here are a few common signs that your vehicle is in need of an oil change in the near future. Idling Issues... read more

  • Benefits of Regular Vehicle Tune-Ups

    Friday 29 September 2017

    Among the many auto services we provide at Shadetree Automotive, one of the most vital for nearly all vehicle owners is the basic tune-up. Tune-ups are one of the largest factors in preserving your car’s value and operational capabilities as it ages, with significant benefits in numerous areas. What are some of these benefits you’ll see from getting tune-ups at the recommended times? Let’s take a look. Fewer Repairs Necessary The main value of a tune-up is i... read more

  • Basics of a Vehicle Diagnostic

    Tuesday 26 September 2017

    Nearly all vehicles on the road today have an interior computer that’s in contact with the sensors and electronic devices in the vehicle. When your check engine light comes on, as often as not it’s due to an issue identified by this computer. This whole system is generally known as “on-board diagnostics,” and running a “diagnostic” test by plugging this computer into a scanner is a common part of modern auto service. We provide diagnostics as part of our car... read more

  • Tricks to Maximize Summer AC Usage

    Monday 25 September 2017

    We’re right in the thick of a hot Utah summer, and at Shadetree Automotive, some of the most common auto services we’re providing this time of year are for air conditioning units. These units get more run during these months than the rest of the year combined, and they’re a regular part of auto repairs during this period. Apart from regular maintenance through our trained technicians, what are some other little tricks to keep your AC healthy and pumping refreshing air all summ... read more