Benefits of Regular Vehicle Tune-Ups

Among the many auto services we provide at Shadetree Automotive, one of the most vital for nearly all vehicle owners is the basic tune-up. Tune-ups are one of the largest factors in preserving your car’s value and operational capabilities as it ages, with significant benefits in numerous areas.

What are some of these benefits you’ll see from getting tune-ups at the recommended times? Let’s take a look.

Fewer Repairs Necessary

The main value of a tune-up is in preventive areas, where it helps catch issues before they turn into more serious problems. A dirty filter may not seem like a large problem, and at first it isn’t, but if left unchecked it will reduce the air that reaches the engine, which can in turn waste fuel and cause the engine to run rougher than normal. This engine trouble could then spread to other areas. If regular tune-ups are undertaken, however, these kinds of issues are caught and snuffed out quickly.

Costs Less Than Repairs

Regular tune-ups not only prevent larger repairs, they’re much less costly. You might spend a few hundred dollars on tune-ups over the years, but they could save you thousands in larger repairs you avoid as a result.

Improves Safety

Many elements of regular tune-ups include things like the tires, brakes and front end – all important safety elements for the vehicle. Things like tire grip and brake quality can have a huge impact on safety, and could make the difference between a collision and a safe passage in some cases.

Improves Vehicle Lifespan

Through the prevention methods discussed above, your car’s lifespan and overall value will benefit. Instead of being forced to replace one or two large, costly elements each year, spend far less and go home with a vehicle that’s in better shape and doesn’t require these larger undertakings.

To learn more about basic tune-ups or any of our other auto repairs or car services, speak to the pros at Shadetree Automotive today.