Tricks to Maximize Summer AC Usage

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We’re right in the thick of a hot Utah summer, and at Shadetree Automotive, some of the most common auto services we’re providing this time of year are for air conditioning units. These units get more run during these months than the rest of the year combined, and they’re a regular part of auto repairs during this period.

Apart from regular maintenance through our trained technicians, what are some other little tricks to keep your AC healthy and pumping refreshing air all summer long? Here are a few tips to chew on.

Shade and Cover

The simplest way to lessen the load on your vehicle’s AC is simply to give it less work to do – or in other words, to lower the car’s temperature in advance of the unit turning on. The shade is the simplest method here: Always park in the shade when possible, and if you’re parking somewhere for a long period, try to anticipate where shade will be in a few hours. If there’s no shade available, use window and windshield shades to cover glass surfaces and reduce the greenhouse effect inside.

Ventilate First

Another form of cooling the car before flipping on the AC is ventilating, which is done by driving with the windows open. To accelerate this, take a few 90-degree turns – inertia will push air through the car and suck fresh air in.

Start on Low

The AC takes a little while to get going, and you should give it this time. Try to start AC levels lower, which is where most auto systems will start regardless.

Use Recirculation Mode

Once the AC is blowing cold air, be sure to always turn the recirculation mode to ON. This means the car won’t suck hot air from outside, and will instead recycle the cooler air from inside the cabin to cool you down.

Turn Off While Engine Runs

When you turn the car off, this will create a small bit of shock in the AC unit – this shock is removed, however, if you simply turn off the AC first while the engine is running. Doing this every time you turn the car off could save much more of your air conditioner’s lifespan than you might think.

Want to learn more about caring for your car’s AC over the summer, or interested in any of our other car services? Speak to the pros at Shadetree Automotive today.