Signs Your Vehicle Needs New Oil

At Shadetree Automotive, we provide top-notch auto service and repair to vehicles everywhere from Layton to Clearfield and more. Our car services range from the simplest maintenance items to large-scale undertakings that will help keep your vehicle on the road.

One such simple maintenance item is a basic oil change, and this is an area where you can be a big help to us as well. Here are a few common signs that your vehicle is in need of an oil change in the near future.

Idling Issues

As you’re idling at a traffic light or elsewhere, have you started to notice the vehicle is frequently shaking? This could be a sign that dirty or contaminated oil is in the engine, and is causing friction between pistons, rings and bearings within the engine. These areas have less lubricating oil to facilitate these movements, hence the rougher operation that can lead to shaking.

Power Loss During Acceleration

That lack of lubrication in the engine can also lead to performance issues, including a sensation during acceleration as if the engine has lost its normal level of power. This issue will worsen continuously until you get your oil changed out.

Ticking Noises

During startup, you may notice a ticking noise coming from the engine. This is a sign that dirty oil has become sludgy, meaning it can’t move around as easily in the engine and will take longer to lubricate the valve train. This results in the ticking noise you hear during ignition.

In addition, you might hear knocking sounds from the engine, similar to a rock tumbler, and often accompanying the ticking noises. This is due to rod bearings that have worn down from bad oil – if you leave things too long, the bearings themselves might need replacement as well, which is much more costly than a simple oil change.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light can mean a lot of different things, but one of the simplest reasons is an oil change is needed, or that the problem causing the light is a direct result of the car needing more oil. Check your car’s manual first in these cases, and if that or other solutions aren’t providing any help, consider checking the oil.

Want to learn more about oil changes, or any of our other auto repair services? Speak to the pros at Shadetree Automotive today.