What Makes a Great Car Mechainc

Why We Feel Strongly We Have Assembled The Best Team Of Mechanics in Utah!

Our family-owned auto repair shop right here in Layton, Utah has a slightly different approach when looking to add a new mechanic to our team.  Yes, it is important to have a lot of experience and knowledge to be a good mechanic but to be a good mechanic here at Shadetree Automotive, you must be an amazing person to be around as well.  Step one when interviewing a potential new mechanic is to determine if they are genuinely a good person. “I have the tools and skills to teach someone to be a better mechanic, but I do not have the skills to teach someone how to be a good person. Their parents needed to do that years ago”  is a common quote from our owner Tom Lambert. So when we start the hunt for our next mechanic, we are asking very specific questions to ensure we find a good fit for our very specific culture.

Once we have found a potential mechanic candidate that fits our fun and positive culture, we then proceed to see if they have the skills needed to either perform the tasks needed or the skills to efficiently learn how to perform the tasks needed. What typically happens during this process is that we find an experienced mechanic that is a great person to be around that is willing and wanting to expand their knowledge.  We are big on training.  Our mechanics go to multiple factory training classes each year that are either vehicle-specific like BMW, Mini, Ford Truck, etc..  or they are system-specific like Fuel systems, emissions systems, scan tool data, etc.. Our mechanics also receive a lot of on the job training as well.  Once we hire a new mechanic, regardless of their years of experience, they apprentice alongside our shop foreman for at least six months to learn the way we do things.

Friendly and trustworthy advisors and Shadetree Auto Repair in Layton, UtahBy hiring based on our positive fun culture first and experience second, this has allowed us to assemble a team of mechanics that work very well together.  They are humble. They are extremely knowledgeable and experienced but always working to improve themselves.  This leads to a team that sticks together for many years learning from one another.  We are proud of our mechanical team.  They are well known in our Layton, Hill Air Force Base, South Ogden, and surrounding area to be the go-to guys for diagnostic and repairs.  If you are out and about and see a sharp-looking mechanic sporting a sweet Shadetree Automotive shirt, please give them a little positive reinforcement for us.  This top-rated team of mechanics deserves a pat on the back for being great people.

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