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Mallory George
"After calling over 20 auto shops in the area Shadetree was the only shop able to get us in, fix us up, and get us back on the road within a couple of hours! They saved the George Family road trip and we couldn't be more thankful!"


We are your BMW specialists!

  Tyler. Shadetree Shop Foreman and 20 year BMW mechanic

Our shop foreman Tyler started his career over 20 years ago by going through the BMW’s factory training.  He then spent the majority of his career working for the only BMW dealer in Utah.  Several years ago he left the BMW dealer to go work with his mentor at a European specialist independent repair shop where he was able to broaden his knowledge on all BMW repairs as well as most other European based makes.  We were lucky enough to add Tyler to our team of technicians back in 2016.  We were already known in our area for our expertise on all BMW makes, but the addition of Tyler has brought us to thehighest level.  We still participate in BMW factory training as well as independent classes.  We have the latest BMW specific diagnostic and repair equipment needed. We truly are your BMW dealer alternative.  All the benefits of having a vehicle-specific trained technician plus the added bonus of dealing with a family-owned auto shop that treats you the way you deserve.

We have found that a lot of independent shops in our area here in Layton are a little afraid of BMW diagnostics, repairs, and service. We believe this is simply due to a lack of knowledge and confidence in these makes.  BMW does make a great vehicle.  They are designed with a fun driver experience in mind.  They are well-engineered and are a very reliable vehicle, especially if you keep up with the maintenance. BMWs typically require tools, equipment, parts, and fluids that are not commonly at a general auto repair shop.  Once again we do have the specific tools and equipment needed to properly perform diagnostics, repairs, and service on your BMW. We also have great relationships with European specific parts and fluid suppliers. This allows us to get the proper parts and supplies needed to do the job right on your vehicle and also allows us to offer a 3 year 100k mile warranty on any repair or service we provide.  The Utah BMW dealer is still stuck in the past with a basic 12 month 12k mile warranty.  Not only do our relationships with suppliers allow us to offer you an industry-leading warranty, but it also allows us to offer great turnaround times and fair pricing.

We Are A NAPA Service center

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