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Brake Replacement and Service

Brake replacement and service is one of the most commonly needed services on your vehicle.  Whether you have a brake noise, brake pulsation, or any other type of brake warning, our brake mechanics are qualified for the repair. Most brake problems can be easily diagnosed and repaired, but occasionally we see some more difficult brake replacements. When your vehicle comes into our brake repairs shop with any type of brake concern, our initial process is: 

  1. The service adviser will collect all the info from you about the brake concern to make great notes for the mechanic.
  2. The mechanic will perform a test drive to duplicate your concern.
  3. The mechanic will then perform a thorough visual inspection of all aspects of the brakes using a tablet to take pictures and type notes.
  4. The service adviser will then send you a link including your mechanics notes and pictures so you get to see what we get to see.
  5. The service adviser will contact you with any recommendations and price estimates before moving forward with any repairs or further diagnoses.


New Brake Pad and Rotor

The brake system is one of the most important systems in your vehicle. If it’s acting up, you need to get it checked.

While every component and function of a car is important, it is never a good idea to put off a brake service or brake replacement. A brake issue needs immediate attention as it could easily go from minor to dangerous in a matter of days.

Customers travel from Kaysville, Farmington, Clearfield, and Layton because of the knowledge and skill our brake replacement mechanics have here at Shadetree Automotive.

We understand the driving conditions in the area, and we know your brakes require extra care.

If your brake system exhibits these warning signs, have us check it out:


We specialize in fixing every break issue your vehicle could have, and we do the job for all makes and models.

In addition to our repair service, we offer the most comprehensive brake inspection—for free. Our experienced technicians will inspect your vehicle and tell you which parts need immediate attention.


We can tell you if your car has serious issues after the assessment. Then we will go over what we will do to fix the problem. We will also advise you of potential problems in the future, and suggest a timeframe for our brake repair in Clearfield and Kaysville.

Thank you for the 5-star Google Review Shawna!

“I scheduled an appointment with Shadetree Automotive to get my brakes inspected on my BMW. I always dread having to drive out to Murray to get my car serviced by the BMW dealer. It was great to find a company that was close, and that employs certified BMW mechanics (thank you…thank you!). Shadetree proved to be a very honest and reputable company as they never tried to sell me services that I didn’t need. I will definitely be using them in the future and will recommend them to friends and family. Great job guys!”

Contact Shadetree Automotive in Layton, UT today to schedule a consultation or initial assessment with our team.

We look forward to serving you!

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