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Mallory George
"After calling over 20 auto shops in the area Shadetree was the only shop able to get us in, fix us up, and get us back on the road within a couple of hours! They saved the George Family road trip and we couldn't be more thankful!"
Cadillac Repair in Layton, Kaysville, Clearfield | Shadetree Automotive2007 by Cadillac, used under CC BY 2.0

Professional Cadillac Service and Auto Repair in Layton, UT

Shadetree Automotive brings dealership-quality auto repairs and services to Cadillac owners in Layton City. We’re also proud to be of service to customers from Clearfield and Kaysville. With our range of services and expertise in repairing American-made vehicles, you’ll find we have everything you’re looking for in a Cadillac auto repair shop in Northern Utah.

Skilled Technicians You Can Trust

Our team of skilled technicians have decades of combined industry experience between them. They all went through extensive training in diagnosing and repairing American and European automobiles. We have a particular interest in Cadillac automobiles as they figure prominently among avid car lovers. Hence, we’ve made it a mission to learn and understand its mechanisms and how to keep them in top shape.

There’s no team more qualified to take care of your Cadillac than the Shadetree Automotive repair team. 

Your Cadillac Deserves an Expert’s Attention

The Cadillac has been in America’s streets since 1902. As one of the oldest and most mature auto brands in the country, the Cadillac has a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts.

All cars, regardless of make, succumb to time and regular use. Some of the complaints Cadillac owners have are moisture pooling in the headlights, hot engines, blown head gaskets, and leaking antifreeze. As the Cadillac’s construction is unique, you’ll want to hire a mechanic who’s had plenty of experience with its engine.

Unparalleled Auto Repair Service in Layton

Entrust your beloved Cadillac to Shadetree Automotive. Our mechanics are knowledgeable of its engine and possess the skills and tools necessary for the repair. More importantly, we treat your car as if it were our own. We repair it with care and return it to you clean and tidy.

Bring your Cadillac over for a diagnosis or maintenance check. Contact us today.   

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