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Mallory George
"After calling over 20 auto shops in the area Shadetree was the only shop able to get us in, fix us up, and get us back on the road within a couple of hours! They saved the George Family road trip and we couldn't be more thankful!"

Shadetree Automotive is truly your Ford Dealer alternative 

Our Layton repair shop has specialized in Ford Truck repairs for many years.  We service a lot of large fleets that are dominantly Ford Trucks. This has given us years of experience on hundreds of Ford Trucks.  Whether it is F150 that is super popular in our area or the F250, F350, F450 all the way up to the big F550’s, we know and serve all of them.

Shadetree Automotive working on new F150 ecoboost ford truckOutside of our years of experience repairing and servicing Ford trucks, we have also teamed up with our local Ford Dealer to participate in the Ford factory training programs.  This allows our mechanics to attend the latest manufacturer training alongside the dealer mechanics.  On top of factory Ford training, our mechanics also attend classes put on by the aftermarket community.

Our Ford truck experience and Ford factory-trained mechanics allow us to perform any repairs or service your truck may need, all while offering the family-based customer service you deserve.  Our Layton auto repair shop has been family owned since 1994 and was built around exceptional customer service.  We love our team and we love our customers. We strive to treat you so well that it will change your perception of our auto repair industry.

Along with our knowledge of all things Ford Truck, we have a couple of mechanics specifically trained in the diesel Ford Power stroke powertrain systems. Once again we have many years of experience working on the Ford Super duty’s and many hours of time in a classroom to keep up with the latest advances.  

The original 7.3l Power stroke is still known as one of the most reliable platforms that Ford has introduced.  They were known for some cold start issues related to the glow plug systems, but other than that, they are a reliable set up.  As of January 2020, we are still using a 2003 Ford F350 Super duty with the good old 7.3 liter Power Stroke for our shop/ plow truck. Coming up on 400k miles and still reliable as can be. 

Ford switched to the much quieter 6.0l Power stroke around 2004. This is a great running engine but is known for a lot of common problems. The 6.0 liter has an Egr cooler that is prone to leaking. If caught early enough, it is not too big of a deal. If left too long, it causes all types of cooling system issues. Another common 6.0-liter Power stroke is failing head gaskets. The cylinder heads were designed with the valve train sitting on top of the cylinder head. The head bolts are longer than normal to go through the valve train and the cylinder head. This leaves the head bolts susceptible to stretching due to the heat produced by diesel and the boost from the turbo. Once the head bolts stretch, the head gaskets fail to cause cooling system issues.  The good news is there is an update or even a bypass for the EGR cooler that cures that common failure. There is also a remedy for the common head gasket failures. When replacing the head gaskets, ARP makes a head stud to replace the factory head bolts. This has proven to be a much longer-lasting fix.

Around 2007/ 2008, Ford then came out with the 6.4 liter Power Stroke. This was a twin-turbo setup.  It built a lot of power but with all that power came a lot of heat.  Along with common high-temperature problems, this engine package was plagued with a long list of emissions-related issues. The main component of the emissions system was the addition of a diesel particulate filter. A diesel particulate filter is an internal component of the exhaust system that reduced or even eliminated visible particulates.  Although the filter did reduce or eliminate the visible smoke, it came with many issues.  It was very common for this filter to become plugged. Once plugged, the trucks onboard computer system was designed to enter a regeneration cycle the unclog the filter.  During regeneration, the computer forces additional air (turbo boost) and diesel fuel into the engine creating extra-high heats.  If the automatic regeneration did not get the particulate filter cleared out, you would have to take it to the repair shop for manual regeneration process or worst case, replace the diesel particulate filter.

Ford Super Duty trucks are now utilizing a 6.7-liter engine package that not only builds huge power but is reliable. The latest Super Duty trucks utilize a diesel exhaust fluid to keep the diesel particulate filter cleaned out. This addition has proven to be a great decision and the newer trucks have far fewer emissions-related problems.  We are currently seeing some turbo related issues between 100k and 200k miles but not a high amount. We are also seeing a good amount of computer or sensor related problems. Mostly minor failures of the throttle system. For the most part, they are a great truck.  With the high costs of all the latest diesel trucks, we would love to be your chosen place to keep it serviced and reliable for many years to come.

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