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The air conditioning system is one of the most delicate on your vehicle.  Our AC technicians understand what it takes to keep your system serviced and blowing nice cold air.  The most common cause of a vehicle's A/C to not blow cold enough air is an incorrect level of Freon.  Freon is the refrigerant gas the you’re a/c system pressurizes to create cold air.  A basic A/C Service is what we usually start with.

Step #1:  Visibly inspect components for obvious problems and perform a test drive.

Step #2:  Attach our latest A/C service machine, extract and measure all Freon removed from the vehicle.

Step #3:  Insert U/V dye in the system.  Freon is a clear gas so it is very difficult to find minor leaks.  The u/v dye allows us to run the system and then simply go over all components and connections with a black light.  Any leak will glow bright yellow for us.  We can then repair any and all leaks to make sure you don’t have repeated failures.

Step #4: Use A/C service machine to charge the exact amount of Freon that your vehicle calls for.  Each vehicle calls for a very specific amount of Freon and it is extremely important to set this level properly.

Step #5:  Perform test drive with a thermometer in vents to assure perfect ac performance. 

Step #6:  Perform a black light test and look for any Freon leaks.

Step #7:  Deliver vehicle back to happy customer to drive around in comfort.



Here in Layton, Utah, we get extreme swings in weather throughout the year.  Sometimes huge swings in weather during the day.  This leads to us needing a perfect functioning heating system as well as a great functioning a/c system.

Did you know that the most common cause of your Heater not blowing warm enough is usually not a problem with the Heating system at all?  It is commonly a problem with your vehicle's cooling system.  Your heater utilizes a warm coolant from the engine cooling system to create the heat inside the passenger compartment.  If the cooling system is not properly sealed, you will not have enough circulation of the coolant to make it all the way through the heater.  So when your vehicle comes in for Heater diagnostics.  We always check the cooling system as one of the first steps.  Then we move on to all the other possibilities within the heating system.  Heater core, mode door actuators, blower motor, temperature controls, etc..

Rest assured we have the best technicians, the best processes and the latest equipment to diagnose any concerns you may have on your Heating and Air conditioning systems.