Insurance Questions

Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about getting your car repaired. If you need additional information please call (801) 771-6711.

I have just had an accident. What should I do to ensure my rights are protected?

Call Shadetree first. You have the right to take your vehicle to the repair shop of your choice. Auto Repair laytonWe can provide unbiased advice and ensure your rights are protected. We have a professional office staff, fully trained to help you through the insurance claims process.

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I have called my insurance company and reported my accident, now what should I do?

We work directly with you or a third party insurance company on your behalf. Claim numbers are issued by your insurance company at the time you report your accident. Just jot it down and bring it in with you when you come in to begin the repair process, Shadetree will do the rest.

Do I have to take my car to my insurance companies preferred auto shop?

You may have the shop of your choice make the repairs. You are not required to use a shop selected by a claims adjuster. However, you are required by your policy to allow your insurance company a reasonable amount of time to inspect the damages prior to repairing them.

Do I have to get more than one estimate?

You are not required by law to get more than one estimate. However we do suggest you getlayton autobody repair more than one estimate, so you can feel comfortable with the shop repairing your vehicle.

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Will my car be repaired back to pre accident condition with my insurance company?

Yes, just make sure you have the car repaired at a shop that guaranties your satisfaction. Repair estimates will vary. A lower estimate may not include necessary things such as front or rear wheel alignments, re-aiming your headlamps, etc. It’s your car, make sure it’s repaired to your satisfaction. Sign releases only when the repairs have been completed to your satisfaction.

How long will my repair take?

Vehicle repair time is determined by many factors, including insurance approval, customer authorization, availability of parts, as well as the complexity of the damages. All procedures and production steps have been specifically selected toward achieving our objectiveness and productivity without compromise to quality. We will give you an estimated timeframe based on the scope of your work.