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We have several specialists on our team at Shadetree Automotive. 

Although Lexus shares a lot of similarities with our other favorite brand, Toyota, there are many differences that set them apart.  Not only do we have specialists on our team, but they are also owners.  Who doesn’t want a luxury vehicle with the low cost of ownership and reliability?

If you are coming up due for service or are in need of any repairs, ask for Russ when calling in.  Not only is he knowledgeable about Lexus, but he also currently owns two. He would love to talk to you.

One thing that we have proven over our years of experience is that we can get our customers years of reliable service out of their vehicle with very rare failures. There are specific service intervals that Lexus recommends. Not only do our mechanics know these service intervals, we also have a great program for looking up service intervals in the office to keep you informed.  We have several customers still driving their mid 2000 with over 300k miles and they are driving great!

Give Russ a call in Layton, UT for any questions you may have.

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