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We are proud to be the go-to Mercedes specialist in the Layton area.  Too many people think they need to go to the Mercedes dealer.  Our local family shop has the Mercedes mechanics, advisers, and equipment to take care of you.

Mercedes-Benz mechanics:

Our shop foreman Tyler has spent his whole career on European-only vehicles.  Some may say he is a sick man for the love he has for these complicated vehicles, but you love what you love!  Our Mercedes mechanics have years of experience on all models.  They know the common failures and they also know the right strategy to diagnose any concern that may come up.  We also have the proper equipment needed for your vehicle without having to send you to the Mercedes dealer.

Mercedes-Benz diagnostics:

We firmly believe that what separates a good mechanic from an amazing mechanic is their ability to properly diagnose customers’ concerns.  Tyler and his team of mechanics are the best in the area at diagnosing any concern you have with your Mercedes vehicle.  Whether it be warning lights, leaks, abnormal noises, or any other concern, our Layton shop is where you need to be.  We are also proud of the fact that other shops in the area and even dealerships bring vehicles to our shop for Tyler and his team to diagnose.

Mercedes-Benz repair:

Our team of mechanics has the experience to perform all types of repairs on your Mercedes.  We are commonly repairing warning lights on Mercedes. Usually, find a sensor failure here and there.  We are also commonly repairing worn suspension problems.  Mercedes actually have a well-designed and built suspension system but eventually, time and miles add up.  There is a difference in having a shop that specializes in your Mercedes perform your repairs.

Mercedes-Benz service:

We feel it is very important to have your Mercedes serviced by a shop that specializes in them.  They have many similarities to other European makes but there are also some unique things that are crucial to know.  One thing to keep in mind when having your Mercedes serviced is that they often require fluids that are not commonly stocked by the general shops.  It is very important that you follow Mercedes manufacture recommendations and use the exact fluids recommended.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter:

We are one of the only shops in the area with the ability to service and repair your Mercedes Sprinter.  Not only do we specialize in Mercedes repairs but we also do a large number of fleet services.  The Mercedes Sprinter is a commonly used vehicle by many of our fleet customers. We have numerous fleet customers using them for their flooring business, plumbing business, deliveries like FedEx and Amazon, roofing companies, and numerous others.  We love them and we know them.  We are able to take care of you fleet vehicle and get you back to business quickly.

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