Our Team


“As the owner of Shadetree Automotive, I am proud of many things within our local family-owned business.  The thing I am MOST PROUD of is the team I have assembled over the years.  I love my team like family and look forward to many more fulfilling years to come”.   Tom Lambert- Owner


We have Lisa as our shop manager.  Lisa has a wide array of skills that play a large part in our success.  Organization and communication are some of her top qualities.  She does an amazing job of keeping us all motivated and organized.  She also does an awesome job of assuring our customers receive the five-star treatment that they deserve.  We are also super proud of the fact that we have a woman ran auto repair shop.  One more thing that keeps us one step ahead in our industry.  Lisa has an amazing support staff of service advisors to help take great care of our customers.

  Daniel is one of our Honda Specialists here at Shadetree Automotive in Layton

Brian, Russ, and Daniel have a great balance of technical knowledge and communication skills.  Our service advisers do a great job of explaining everything good about your vehicle and everything that may have some concerns.  They also do a great job of helping our customers prioritize vehicle repairs as to what fits their current timeline and budget.

We have a top-notch team of mechanics out in the shop led by our shop foreman Tyler.  Tyler has been a mechanic for over two decades now and has many accomplishments.  He is well versed in all makes and models but is especially advanced in the knowledge of all European makes.  BMW and Mini Cooper are his specialties.  He knows these cars as good or better than any mechanic in Utah and especially more than any mechanic near our Layton area.  On top of Tyler’s knowledge and mechanic skills, he is also just an amazing, humble and well balanced human being.  This leads to him having great communication and motivational skills to lead his team of top-rated mechanics.
We have an amazing team of mechanics out in our shop working behind our shop foreman.   

  • Our lead mechanic Justin has been diagnosing and repairing cars for over two decades now as well.  He has been working here at our auto repair shop for over ten years and is one of the most well-known and respected mechanics in Utah.  He is well versed in all makes and models but is known for his diagnostic skills. He is especially knowledgeable in Audi, Volkswagen and diesel pickup trucks.  Ford Power stroke, Chevrolet/ GMC Duramax, and Dodge/ Ram Cummins are all areas he has really spent a lot of extra focus on.

  • Juan is another of our best mechanics.  He has been a mechanic for over 2 decades now and has been here at our auto repair shop for 10 years now.  He knows all makes and models but is especially known for his knowledge of Subaru and Toyota.  Whether it is diagnosing a check engine light or replace cylinder head gaskets, Juan is the mechanic you want to diagnose and repair your car or truck.

  • Julian is our mechanic that is best-known for Ford, Dodge and Ram Trucks.  He has been a mechanic for well over a decade now and has grown to be one of the best mechanics in Utah right here at our shop.  He is confident in all areas of repair but really excels at diagnosis, timing chain replacements, and exhaust repairs.  

  • James (Jim) is one of our fleet mechanics. He has a long background in all types of repairs and service on all types of vehicles.  He fits in perfectly on our Shadetree team due to his positive attitude and work ethic. He has and continues to be the area expert on the typical fleet vehicles. Trucks, vans and especially box vans.  Ford, GMC, Sprinter, Workhorse and Isuzu are amongst the most common vehicles that Jim excels at. 

  • Dillon is our Honda and Acura specialist.  He recently joined our team in 2019.  He started his career with Honda factory training and apprenticing at a local Honda dealership.  He is super passionate about all things Honda but did not agree with the broken culture at the dealer.  We were lucky enough to steal him away and he is proving to be a perfect fit for our positive and fun culture.  If your Honda or Acura needs maintenance or repairs…Dillon is the mechanic you want. 

Last but definitely not least, we have a couple of amazing people on our support staff.

  • Braiden is our Fleet and Marketing manager.  When you have a team of advisers and mechanics as we have, it is a full-time job to ensure they have plenty of repairs to do.  Braiden does an awesome job of being involved in our local community so that enough friendly customers like yourself know we are here to take care of their automotive repair needs.  The Layton and surrounding areas have been great to Braiden and our team.