Suspension, Steering, and Alignment

Let Shadetree Automotive help you get the most out of your car with our suspension, steering, and alignment services.

When you hear grinding, clunking, or whirring, head over to our auto repair shop. We’ll take care of the problem.


Driving over hole-filled roads can certainly damage the suspension components of your vehicle. And when they fail, there will be drivability issues, which then lead to unsafe driving conditions.

If your vehicle dips or rocks when you drive even at low speeds, let our team diagnose and repair any suspension system problem. We’ll make your ride smoother.

Whether your vehicle has a strut-based system or shock absorbers, we can handle the job.


If driving feels more like a workout because the vehicle goes straight when you want to turn, you may have steering problems. This can get worse over time; it will wear out your tires quickly and put your life at risk.

We have the latest diagnostic equipment, as well as a team of experienced steering technicians. This allows us to know the root cause of the issue and find a solution that quickly gets you back to effortless driving.


Misaligned wheels can cause a long list of problems, and that includes uneven tire wear and a greater risk for serious accidents.

We offer alignment services at Shadetree Automotive.

Sometimes, misalignment is obvious — your car pulls to one side or your wheel vibrates due to balancing issues. In other cases, a misalignment problem is so subtle you won’t even notice. That’s why we also do regular alignment checkups.

To schedule a repair or to know more about suspension, steering, and alignment, call Shadetree Automotive today.

We look forward to serving you.