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Mallory George
"After calling over 20 auto shops in the area Shadetree was the only shop able to get us in, fix us up, and get us back on the road within a couple of hours! They saved the George Family road trip and we couldn't be more thankful!"

Toyota Repair and Service in Layton

Toyota Repair and Service in Layton, UT - Shadetree Automotive

We love Toyota owners! With our many years of experience working all makes and models, we are often asked “What vehicle do you recommend that I buy”, and our answer is always one of the Toyota models. Toyota does a great job on all their models: Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs, and especially their hybrids. Generally speaking, Toyota owners do their research before buying a vehicle and are well educated on what it takes to maintain their vehicle properly. We love to team up with vehicle owners that take care of their vehicle properly. Nothing more satisfying than having a vehicle leave our shop knowing it is in the safest condition possible and that the customer will get many years of reliable use out of it without having to invest in a different vehicle.

All of us here at Shadetree are huge Toyota fans but our service adviser Russ is a Toyota fanatic! He has been personally running Toyota’s for years. As a matter of fact, I first met Russ when he was an outside sales representative for our local Toyota dealer. His daily driver is a Toyota and he has also built a couple of really fun Toyota rock crawlers that we get out and have some fun with. Feel free to ask for Russ when making your appointment. He has stayed up to date with all Toyota models and you will feel his passion when educating you on anything you may want to know about yours.

Toyota Hybrid’s - Yes we know them, love them, and are certified to work on them. Although hybrids and electric vehicles have been out for many years now, most general automotive shops are still afraid to work on them. We have two Toyota specialists on our team that not only specialize in your Toyota but are completely up to date on training and certifications for your hybrid vehicle. Whether it be simple maintenance, hybrid battery replacements, warning lights, or anything else you may need, we would love to have one of our hybrid mechanics take care of it for you.

Toyota SUV’s Toyota makes great SUV’s and we love them. Toyota Rav 4, Toyota 4 runner, and Toyota Sequoia are all great choices. Several of us here are currently driving a Toyota 4runner or have owned one in the past. It is my opinion that Toyota has done an amazing job of producing a safe and reliable SUV while also keeping the styling and performance that makes us want to drive them. Our Toyota mechanics have years and years of working on Toyota SUVs, so whatever problem you may be having…we have likely already seen it. If not, I know our experienced Toyota mechanics will figure it out in no time at all. So whether you are needing scheduled maintenance, brakes, tires, etc... Or you are having are drivability problem, we have the team that is certified to work on your Toyota SUV and would love to earn your business.

Toyota Truck's - If you don’t love the Toyota Tacoma or the Toyota Tundra…there might just be something wrong with you...haha. We love them! Not only are they just good-looking, but they are also super dependable. We have helped many Toyota truck owners get 300k miles or more out of their vehicles. If you perform the scheduled maintenance, you will get many years of reliable service out of your Toyota truck and not have to waste money buying a new one any time soon. Keep them full of good clean fluids. Have our Toyota truck mechanic do a good thorough inspection at least once a year so they can keep us up to date on scheduled maintenance or any repairs coming up. We would love to team up with you to keep your Toyota truck in top shape!

Toyota cars - The Toyota Camry is the #1 vehicle we recommend when customers ask our opinion on what sedan they should get as their family vehicle. Doesn’t even really matter what year model you get, Toyota has been doing a great job on the Camry for decades now. The Yaris, Prius, and Corolla are also great options if you are not looking for something a little smaller or different than the Camry. Rest assured that all the Toyota car models will be very similar in reliability. We have hundreds of customers making their daily commute in a Toyota, so our mechanics are up to date and familiar with anything your vehicle may need. Maintenance, tires, or repairs. We have the Toyota mechanic that knows your vehicle and the service adviser that will take great care of you.

Toyota minivan - The Toyota Sienna is a great option. This is Utah so you know we love ourselves a good old minivan! We have a few customers that run the Sienna in their company fleets and we have had great luck with minimizing surprise repairs. They do have a few common failures that our Toyota mechanics are aware of but far less than all the other van makes out there. Once again, have our Toyota mechanics do a thorough digital inspection at least once a year. This will allow them to catch any repairs coming up as well as any scheduled maintenance due. This way you can be proactive with a maintenance plan for your vehicle and avoid any failures and breakdowns.

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