Why Customers Near Us Should Choose A General Auto Repair Shop Vs. A Transmission Repair Shop.

Shadetree Automotive in layton offers the best transmission service and repair in the stateTransmissions are not only one of the more expensive components on your vehicle, but they are also one of the more misdiagnosed components as well.  Over the past 20+ years (dang I am getting old) of running our local family business, I have had countless customers come to me for transmission repairs and service.  The top customer concerns I see are: Slipping, not shifting properly, not shifting at all, shuddering, noises and leaks: I would dare say that 50% of the time the customer brings their car to me suspecting it needs a transmission, we find a separate problem with car that is actually causing the problem.  I love these phone calls. If you bring your car to our shop suspecting it needs a transmission repair or replacement, you are having a rough day and expecting the worst. Nothing beats getting to call you and tell you it needs something way easier and less money than a transmission replacement. Now don’t get your hopes too high…you have to remember that the other 50% of the time I am verifying through specific testing that your suspicions were correct and that you do indeed need a transmission repair or replacement.

To finish my point of why I strongly recommend you take your vehicle to your trusted auto repair shop rather than taking it to one of the Transmissions only shops is the likelihood that the problem is not 100% transmission related.  You want a qualified technician that knows your vehicle well. The whole vehicle, not just one component.

Here is one good example from the other day:

Customers Concern: “My Chevrolet Truck Is Not Shifting Properly And When It Does Shift…It Slams Into Gear. It Happens Especially During Downshift On Off-Ramp After Driving Freeway.  It Has 130,00 Miles So I Need A Price On A Transmission”

Customer’s concern: “Our Nissan Xterra’s transmission went out. We need you to tow it in and give us an estimate”

Customers concern: “The transmission on my Audi is slipping.  It barely had enough power to get me here. It just revs up like the transmission is bad”