Tune-Up Service

Juan Performing a tune up on 2015 Honda Crosstour Jan 2020When your vehicle undergoes a proper tune up, the fuel system, ignition system, computer system, and emission system all work together in perfect harmony. This means peak combustion chamber efficiency — or better performance and higher savings at the gas pump.

Shadetree Automotive can help you achieve that with our top-notch tune up service. We serve Layton, Kaysville, Clearfield, South Ogden, and the surrounding areas.

Our tune-ups can extend the life of your car and protect its value, as well as keep you from being stuck on the side of the road.

Comprehensive Tune Ups

Auto repair shops perform tune-ups by simply lifting the hood, and without putting it on a lift. Not here.

Our service typically consists of replacing plug wires, spark plugs, and air filters when they’re past their prime. We then follow manufacturer recommendations when replacing the key components.

During a tune up, we will also double check if your vehicle requires air or fuel filter replacement.

Tune Up Service Depending on Unique Needs

We understand that each make and model comes with unique needs. Our expert auto mechanics will help you determine which specific service is right for your vehicle, based on its past use and typical driving conditions.

The procedure we follow depends on the age of your car and its mechanical configuration. We also perform a tune up service at regularly scheduled intervals.

Maintain fuel economy and prevent major issues down the road by calling the tune up experts at Shadetree Automotive.

We look forward to serving you.


The ignition system on BMW’s have become fairly basic. All current engine packages have gotten rid of distributors and spark plug wires. BMW engines now utilize a coil-over spark plug ignition system. The vehicles onboard computer utilizes signals from crankshaft sensors and camshaft sensors to determine when to send out the ignition signal. The ignition signal then travels to whichever ignition coil is set to ignite in the firing sequence.  The ignition coil then ignites the spark plugs. The spark then creates the spark needed to ignite the fuel, air and compression in your engine.  Most BMW garages now recommend performing a tune-up every 100k miles. A BMW tune-up consists of Iridium spark plugs and then inspecting all the other ignition parts.  It is also common to have to replace the ignition coil boots at the same time as the spark plugs. As the ignition coil boots age over time, they can become worn and create extra resistance. The extra resistance can lead to failure of one or more ignition coils.  Although ignition coil replacement is a fairly easy repair, the ignition coils themselves can be slightly expensive.