Layton Brake Service and Repair

Driving without brakes wouldn’t be much fun, not to mention the danger. Nevertheless, many people run the risk of brake failure every day and don’t even realize it. Your car’s brake system is a series of critical electronic and mechanical components linked together by lines and sensors. Without proper maintenance and upkeep, any one (or more) of these components can fail leaving you without the ability to stop your car. Shadetree Automotive recognizes the importance of keeping your car’s braking system in top condition. That’s why we offer our customers Layton’s most comprehensive brake inspection, maintenance and repair services.

Brake System Components in Layton, Utah

Automotive brakes work by converting your car’s kinetic energy to heat by using friction. Stopping your car begins under your foot, when you depress the brake pedal. This action causes a plunger in the master cylinder to send fluid out into the brake lines. Brake fluid enters individual “slave” cylinders located at each wheel and, when they become full, the slave cylinders activate the brakes. What happens next depends on whether your car has disk or drum brakes (or both). With a disk brake, calipers squeeze the brake pads against the disk or rotor, slowing down the wheel’s motion. With drum brakes, the brake shoes (similar to pads) press out against the wheel drum. The high level of heat and friction produced by this action, repeated over and over each time you drive your car is what causes crucial components to wear out.

Layton Utah Warning Signs of Brake Failure

Some warning signs are easy to recognize such as when your car’s brake system warning light comes on. You also probably recognize the high-pitched “chirping” sound that brake pads make when they reach a certain level of war. But would you know if you had a leak in your brake line? When was the last time you checked the fluid level in your master cylinder? If your brake pedal gradually becomes soft or spongy, or goes lower toward the floor before stopping your car, would you notice?

These are just some of the indications that your car, truck or van needs to be inspected and possibly serviced. Shadetree Automotive offers our customers a free brake inspection to determine the health and wellness of your braking system. Our experienced service technicians can provide a comprehensive assessment and tell you which components (if any) require immediate attention. They will also advise you of potential future issues and recommend a time frame for service. We understand and respect the budget and schedule constraints of our clients and will never recommend a service that isn’t required to keep your car safe.