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Mallory George
"After calling over 20 auto shops in the area Shadetree was the only shop able to get us in, fix us up, and get us back on the road within a couple of hours! They saved the George Family road trip and we couldn't be more thankful!"

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We are different!  You walk into a clean and inviting office.  Often to the sounds of laughter because Lisa and I have just made an inappropriate joke at Russ’s expense (sorry Russ JK).  You are quickly greeted with a smiling face.  We are knowledgeable, yet very friendly.  Our goal is to explain our process so good that you don’t stress about your vehicle. You hand over your keys and go about your day knowing we are going to do exactly what we promised to do. Our technicians properly care for your vehicle so we can give it back to you as clean or cleaner than when it was dropped off.  Our advisors keep you informed throughout the process.  When you come to pick your vehicle up, we review the complete repair order one last time with you and the cost is always the exact amount as promised or less!

1. We Love our customers! 

We genuinely love our faithful auto repair, maintenance, and service customers.  We understand that our Layton auto repair business goal is to make our customer's day a little easier.  Yes, we repair cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans…..but our customer’s needs are what our business model revolves around.  Whenever your car, truck, SUV or van is in for repairs/ service, we put ourselves in your shoes.  Therefore we inspect every vehicle, every time as if it was our own.  Then we base our repairs and maintenance recommendations on what we would do if it was our own car.  Often times there is a lengthy list, but we can always help prioritize based on your current situation.

2. We Love our team!

Our service advisors are the friendliest and most knowledgeable advisors in Utah.  They have a strong knowledge of Auto repair and maintenance.  Even more importantly, they have the highest level of customer service and communication skills possible.  Our technicians have years of experience, stacks of certifications and countless hours of training.  On top of that, they are just great people and an absolute joy to work with! We have specialists in several different makes including Audi, Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota, BMW, and Mini.  We have specialists in several types of repair and services.  Diagnostics, Brakes, Transmissions, Tires, Tune-ups, Timing Belts, etc..  We are the true dealer alternative. Whatever you drive and whatever you need…our technicians are who you want to trust your vehicle too.

3. We Love our Auto Repair Industry!

Our Auto Repair Industry here in Utah and even across the nation has been portrayed in a negative way for a long time.  In movies, the shop owner or mechanic is portrayed as a greasy hillbilly type that says whatever he has to in order to get all your money.  This is far from what most Utah shop owners and technicians really are and it is our goal to begin changing how our industry is viewed, right here in Layton!

Our technicians sit in class for an average of 48 hours each year and have done so for over a decade. They have also invested on average over $100k dollars in tools and equipment.  All to work in a physically and mentally taxing environment, for less pay than a lot of other industries.  But they do it because they love it.  Technicians are world-class problem solvers and should be highly respected.

Our advisors love people. They love to interact with them. They love to help them.  They too spend an average of 48 hours in class each year perfecting customer service and communication skills.  They are able to explain repairs in a way the puts customers at ease. All while balancing a huge workload. Phones ringing, customers dropping off and picking up, accurately estimating repairs, ordering parts, looking at vehicles alongside technicians, endless paperwork, etc.. etc..  It is a tough but rewarding position.  Auto Repair Service Advisers deserve a pat on the back and respect for their hard work.

Vehicles We Service

We work on all makes and models and also specialize in Diesel Trucks

We Are A NAPA Service center

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